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Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Services: Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray – Enhancing Patient Care Through Digital Imaging

In keeping with our goal to provide quality care for our patients, we have implemented the latest orthopaedic Picture Archive and Communication technology throughout our facility.

Innovations in digital imaging enable our physicians to pass numerous benefits on to their patients.

  • Higher Resolution Images — Allows physicians to give more accurate diagnoses
  • Instant Image Availability — Translates to less time spent waiting for X-rays to be developed and allows physicians to spend more time with patients in the examination room
  • Less Retakes — Because the images are digital, they can be manipulated after processing, requiring less retakes—which means you are not exposed to additional radiation
  • Accurate Pre-operative Planning — In the event you require surgery, our physicians can more accurately plan your procedure with digital pre-operative planning tools
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