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Dr. George Markovich was my Orthopaedic Surgeon for TWO major hip replacements. I wanted to thank him for his wonderful results and his confident bed-side manner that made it possible for me to have the confidence to allow these surgeries. I would highly recommend him as an excellent surgeon and even more a compassionate doctor that follows through. His competent surgery has allowed me to, now, lead a normal active life at the age of 66 years, I feel better than I had in years, prior to the hip replacements.

Thank you so much, Dr. Markovich
God Bless, Sally Senitz

mary c

I want to thank Dr.Gomez for the great job he did giving me my Two Hip Replacements. Prior to my 2nd Hip Replacement, the pain was so severe, I was forced to discontinue all physical activity, I stopped doing everything I enjoyed, therefore I stopped living. Now I have Two terrific new Hips, I am living a great lifestyle doing everything I want to do, so many things that I once thought I would never do again, thanks to Dr. Gomez I have gotten back my Life.

Thank you Dr. Gomez
Mary Chamberlain

Susan V

An automobile accident two years ago left me with RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) in my left arm. The pain medications put me in a fog and did not diminish the horrible burning pain.

After 5 months of pain, I was referred to Dr Richard Hood. Dr Hood is a compassionate physician that listens to his patients. I trust him completely with my medical care. Dr Hood started treatment of nerve blocks right away.

In April 2009, I had the permanent Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) implanted. The St Jude Medical Neurostimulation System SCS has been successful in alleviating my pain.

Although the Ft Myers office is closer to me, I prefer the Estero office. The staff is wonderful and the patient flow is better.

Thank you very much Dr Richard Hood, Laura Holland, PA, St Jude Medical Representative Dawn Durham and all the staff at Institute for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine for improving my quality of life!
Susan Varcalli

Ciara M

From my initial phone call to my last visit the Staff at Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine presented a courteous, efficient, skilled and pleasant demeanor. I was surprised to have an appointment within 24hrs of making my first call to the office. On the morning of my visit, the paperwork was processed in a prompt manner to minimize delays, and my wait time was minimal. For my tennis injury I was seen by Dr. Follweiler. I found Dr. Follweiler attentive, methodical, and I was impressed that he took the time to assess my injury, and present a choice of treatments to heal my wrist that fit with my lifestyle. My wrist is feeling much better, and I was pain free during a recent tennis game. Thank you.

S Karen B

Dr. Fifer has performed surgery on me several times (shoulders, knees, wrist) and I have been so happy with him and his entire staff.

My last surgery was on my right knee, and when I came back for the follow-up visit, I expressed to him that I was so pleased with him and the entire staff, and asked if he could recommend a foot doctor who could help me. In 2005, I had major surgery on all 10 toes - both feet. I had bunions and hammer toes. I was not aware that you had a doctor who could do this, so I went elsewhere. My doctor did a great job in straightening out the toes, but from walking with my toes turned under, I had large bumps on top of them after they were straightened. These bumps rubbed on the inside of my shoes and caused the skin to be rubbed off (blisters) on tops of 6 toes. I had to wrap them in bandages, and could only wear slides with the heel and toe out.

Dr. Fifer immediately told me about Dr. Kleiman and recommended him highly. I was so happy to know that I could get my toes taken care of by one of Dr. Fifer's associates, because I have always been so happy with his care and the results of all my problems.

Dr. Kleiman did surgery on my toes on 6/14/2010 and he did an excellent job in trimming the bones down and removing spurs, and they look wonderfully straight and low, so they should not rub any more. I know after they get healed (another week), I will be able to wear shoes and not get blisters. I am so happy to get this done since I have suffered with this problem for the past 5 years.

Please tell Dr. Fifer and Dr. Kleiman how pleased I am with them, and let them know that I will always recommend my friends and family to them for their needs. God bless you all, and thank you for being there for me.

Diana R

Dr Hood has made it possible for me to survive the last 3+ years. I was in so much pain that I could barely think the first time I saw Dr. Hood. My old doctor (quack I think) told me that there was no such thing as Fibromyalgia and that the pain I was having was caused by depression and nothing would help. Dr. Hood did a full check out that day; told me that I did in fact have Fibromyalgia, shoulder, back, hip, knee, and wrist pain. Some of it from the Fibromyalgia and some from Carpal Tunnel and some just from the damage from the car accidents. He spent time talking to me, getting to know me, HE LISTENED to me, and he gave me some medication specifically for the Fibromyalgia and some just for the pain. From that day till today my life has been so much better. Everyone talks about the quality of life...Mine has improved drastically since I started seeing Dr. Hood, Laura, and Amber. I have also lost my family during my time as a patient here and Dr. Hood understood about the grief, the confusion, and even the financial problems that I was having and adjusted the type of medication I was taking from a monthly cost of $120.00 to a monthly cost of $39.00; and helped me to get a year of my Fibromyalgia medication free from the distributor; so with the same quality of relief in the medication and the free medication I can continue to have the quality of life I have come to enjoy. I cannot imagine the last nearly four years of my life without Dr. Hood and the Ladies and I thank God regularly for sending me to Dr. Hood! I tell EVERYONE I know to call for Dr. Hood, and I have even told some people I did not know, just noticed they were in pain so I told them to call Dr. Hood and gave them his number!!

Stephen D

Dr. R. Andrew Follweiler treated me with excellent knowledge of my situation and recommended various treatments along with physical therapy. Thanks again Steve Denman

Neil G

I suffered from a herniated L5-S1 disc since 2000 and a SI joint issue since 2006. Both on the right side.

I could not sit, get out of the car or most other physical activities without severe pain and constant muscle spasms.

I was referred to Dr. Hood in 2006. We tried the injections,but it didn't work. In 2009 we tried again with good results.

Dr. Hood continued to treated me over the next several months discovering what areas were helped and for how long. This was a dialog that had to be precise if we were to continue to improve the results.

At one point it became clear that injections alone would not reduce the pain enough or for long enough. Dr. Hood suggested a Rhizotomy on the L5 and SI joints, which deadens the sensory nerves while leave the motor nerves intact.

After a little research but mostly on the trust built over the preceding months I had the procedure done.

An astonishing 50% of the pain was gone but an
unbelievable 90% of the frequency of pain was gone too. Truly, anyone who suffers from SI joint pain would call this a new lease on life if not a miracle.

Thank you for listening.

Neil Gomeringer

Linda L

When I met George Markovich, MD. last October I knew we were going to be a dynamic team. My having 35 yrs in Acute Care health svcs (Nursing) didn't hurt, and Dr. Markovich did acknowledge same. I want to thank you, Dr. Markovich for saving my life (as I had come to know it-without severe disability)! And, must admit that the assistance he & I received from all ancillary, medical, professional, inpatient, outpatient, and homepatient care staff was exemplary! THANK YOU ALL.
Linda LeSure

Patricia M

December 23, 2011

The purpose of this letter is to recognize your Estero Physical Therapy Team. Julie, Alex, Danny, and Jamie are all proficient in their jobs and considerate of the people in need of their services. However, I would like to single out Jim Schlemmer, as most of my therapy has been under Jim's care.

This past July, I had knee surgery, beginning PT shortly thereafter. I progressed well but soon began having different symptoms and pain. Long story short and several tests later, it became apparent that I had back issues that were complicating my physical therapy. Jim was very extensive in his questioning of my symptoms, his exercise recommendations, analysis of what was working the best, and trying to get to the exact root cause of my discomfort. Although he obviously has a number of patients that he is responsible for, he is totally focused on each one during their session with him. He treats each person with respect and analyzes each persons needs to make sure that they can become pain free and functional as quickly as possible.

Aside from the physical care your therapists provide, they are also sensitive to the emotional side of a persons situation. Being a fairly recent widow, I was finding that attending the formal PT sessions during the Christmas season was somewhat stressful. Jim, with Alex's input, understood and agreed that I could return after the Holidays. Obviously, I am continuing the therapy at home until I return for their evaluation. I am so grateful for their understanding.

In closing, the entire team is an asset to your organization. Although I kidded Jim that I would rather not see so much of him in 2012, I know that he would be an outstanding therapist should I require those services again.
Pat Montgomery

Steve I

The Follweiller crew was amazing. I always felt like I was at "Cheers". Everyone involved was professional, courteous and everything I'd hoped for. Having surgery is very disconcerting but the staff made me feel like everything was in control as it was. Thank you all so much.

Donna P

At age 52, I was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis. Each year following, until my 55th birhtday, the pain and lack of mobility increased to the point that i could barely walk two blocks without stopping to rest and then turn around and go back home. I Needed Ibuprofen and Darvocet to get me through a six hour day with at least bearable pain.
Because of the severe arthritis and bone on bone condition into which my hip deteriorated, i walked with a severe limp (which caused collateral damage to my knees) Yet, I was immensely frightened to have to lose my real hip to a replacement. Although surgery was complicated, (due to the degeneration of the bone and socket) and although the physical therapy and rehabilitiation were far longer thatn i had expected; the final end result was that i was able to walk without a limp whatsoever, and best of all without pain, for the first time in four years. The successful outcome would never have been realized without Dr Markovich's unparalleled surigical skills and supreme expertise and committment. Both Dr Markovich and Pat told me emphatically beforehand that the surgery would be a success and that I would return to their offices to thank them. Indeed, it was and indeed, I did! I thank them today immensely for their candor, their skill, and for my ability to return to a more normal active livestyle. I cannot sing their praises enough.

Joy R.

I want to let you folks know how much I appreciated all that you did for me over the last 2 1/2 years. Angela at the chcek in desk always had a smile on her face and knew my name, xray techs very friendly and efficient, Sunni was professional but very caring and I felt that she not only had my best interests in mind but she felt like a friend. The checkout "girls" were pleasant and patient with everyone that checked out including me. I also want to say thanks to Dawn who answered the phone when I called and got me the answers I needed. I can't say enough about Dr.Follweiler. He is very kind,caring, and truly interest in each patient. I know I had many questions and such but he always took the time to explain every thing. Surgery was great with him. If I had to do this over-I really don't- I would definitly pick Dr.F. again. Even a friend of mine said that he was the most compassionate and caring doc she had seen in a long time. I definitly can second that. Thanks to all of you people who took care of me. You are all fantastic.

Candace R

Dr. Markovich performed my total knee replacement surgery nearly 1 year ago, and I have absolutely no regrets. Yes it was painful and the rehab was hard, but I can walk without discomfort and climb stairs which I could not do a year ago. Thank you!

Yvette R

I was referred to Dr. George Markovich by Dr. Gerardo Gamez of the Florida Neurology Group. An MRI conducted by the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine revealed a large rotator cuff tear in addition to three torn tendons. A fair amount of work would have to be done.

On my first visit with Dr. Markovich, his calm and confident manner immediately erased any concerns I had. Also, on the day of surgery Dr. Markovich came over to initial the arm to be operated on and said that he would do everything humanly possible to make me better. His words were of great comfort to me and gave me solace that all would be well.

My family and friends were astonished to see my quick recovery, it was truly spectacular. Indeed, they all told me if they ever needed an orthopedist Dr. Markovich is at the top of their list.

About two months after surgery I was informed that Dr. Markovich was in the Navy and was one of the surgeons who operated on our Navy Seals. Quite an endorsement! Also, I am a native of New England and when I learned that Dr. Markovich attended Harvard and trained at Mass General, well that just says it all.

Everyone at the Fort Myers facility are well trained and personable. I also must note here that Dr. Markivich's assistant Pat DeFiore is very capable, attentive and personable.

I owe Dr. Gamez a great deal of gratitude for referring me to Dr. Markovich and I owe Dr. Markovich a great deal of gratitude for his tremendous skill and attention to detail. Thank you so much.

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