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David M

Dr. Robert Follweiler is an amazing surgeon. He repaired my rotator cuff and reattached my bicep. At our initial visit he presented himself as a knowledgeable and caring Doctor and earned my trust. He did a wonderful job and I am glad I chose him as my surgeon.

Diana H

I have lived with the worst knee pain in my left knee that one could imagine. It was terrible and finally got so bad I could barely stand to walk. Dr. Markovitch did a total knee replacement for me. I was worried and afraid. It is heaven. The surgery went perfectly, the healing did too, the scar is small and not to visible and it is only a little over a month since the surgery. I can walk with NO PAIN. It is wonderful. Dr. Markovitch, you are amazing thank you!

Dr. Follweiler did the same thing for my hands. I had carpal tunnel so bad that I hated my hands. The arthritis made them worse. Dr. Follweiler did surgery on both hands and from the first week after surgery the pain was not there any more. WONDERFUL, AWESOME, My Hero!!

Dr. Hood saved my life. About seven years ago I came to see Dr. Hood at my wits end. I hurt all over, my quality of life was non-existent and I was miserable and unhappy. Dr. Hood started working on getting the pain under control. When I could not afford the "big" medications Dr. Hood helped me get ones I could afford. He got the pain under control and then one thing at a time we have worked on getting rid of the causes of the pain. Ergo, hand and elbow and knee surgery. We are not done yet but I know Dr. Hood will take care of me. I would not be alive today if not for Dr. Hood, I was ready to give up, he fixed it. What do you call the person who saved your life? I have no names that would not upset people, I would opt for things that people would not understand so I guess I better just go with my DIETY. Thank You for putting the quality back into my life.

You are all wonderful Pam, Nadine, Laura, Stephanie, and all the others who have all been there for me and been so nice. You make it possible for these doctors to perform the miracles they do. You are the unsung hero's. I want to thank you all.


First I just want to thank the staff @ Riverside for getting me an appointment, with Dr Hood .

Secondly I want to thank the employes @ the Estero office for their help in getting my last appointment with Dr Hood.

Third I like to thank Dr. Hood for accepting me as a patient, and actually helping me with my medical problems..I now have a plan of action that gives me hope. Which as everyone knows is priceless...

Gerald S

I had my right knee replaced..somehow the tissue around the joint became infected. Home health physical therapist, Dr. Debbi Ronis, was here every day including Saturday and Sunday.She called Pat Fiore on Sunday morning to have him order antibiotics for me. Pat was not on call but he answered Debbi's page and ordered the medication I needed...Kudos to both
Dr. Debbi Ronis and to Pat Fiore for being there when I needed them and for Pat calling and emailing Debbi to check up on me. You are fortunate to have Pat Fiore and Dr. Debbi Ronis on your team and I am also lucky to have them on my side. Thank you

Gerald H. Stein (Jerry)

Patricia A

Dr. Gomez did surgery on my shoulder in October of 2014 for rotator Cuff, Spurs, Etc. Surgery was a bit more involved and I'm doing Wonderful! Thanks to Dr. Gomez and his Assistant, Matt.
They are Tops, In my Book!


Many thanks to the team at the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine for helping me with my recent wrist injury. The practice was able to get me in to see a doctor within 24 hours, and I am already feeling relief. The process from scheduling to check-out was easy, pleasant, and helpful.

Bob S

Saw Dr. Ed Gomez about a severe pain in my shoulder while running that was forcing me to stop mid-run. He did a thorough exam, took x-rays, identified the issue, determined he could safely administer a cortisone shot to relieve the pain while the problem resolved on its own, and the result was fantastic. Back to running distances with no pain. It was so great to work with a Doc who did a thorough job, understands the needs and issues of athletes, and talked to me like I was an intelligent person.

rebecca f

I slipped and fell and hit my right heel on the swimming pool edge... I sheared my heel completely off. Dr Gomez did surgery to reattached my heel to my foot and Matthew Walk did the follow up appointments on my healing... Thank you for the great job.. It has been a slow recovery time, but I am up and walking again. Never knew how much I would miss walking. Thank you for the good job repairing my foot. I hopefully dont have to use your services in the future. Thanks again.. I appreciate all your good work

Toddi C

This will seem a bit odd to some but, I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Heligman. I was one of his patients during his residency at Shriners in Chicago and he did my first major knee surgery. 32 years later, still no issues and I have never forgotten him for taking the time to explain to a ten year old kid what was going on. What a wonderful surgeon and human being he is!

Phil F

My wife was referred to Dr. Fifer after falling and shattering her wrist. She ended up needing surgery and had plates and screws put in. Her wrist is now as good as new and she has continued playing golf and tennis with no ill effects. Because of her treatment, I chose Dr. Fifer for knee pain. Initially, he advised me to hold off any procedure until the pain became worse. Fast forward six months, and I returned with increased pain. Dr. Fifer performed a Knee arthroscopy. I was walking the same day, and 10 days later my knee has improved greatly. I know I can't turn back the clock (I'm 65), but I am looking forward to being active again fairly soon. Dr. Fifer is honest, skilled, and experienced. His staff and facilities are also great. We both are very thankful to have found him and his practice.

David C. W

I have a chronic pain disease,and Dr. Hood and his team are the best ever. I can honestly say I look forward to my visits.They have helped me with my pain,CRPS and like "Cheers" they all remember my name. God Bless this team of Professionals all with a Heart , just going there makes one feel better. Thank You Each One!


I had my knee replacement in October 2015 by Dr John Fifer. He did a fabulous job. I could not be more thrilled. He recommended presugery therapy which I believe made the procedure and post surgery go so well. Thank you Dr Fifer

Paul F

I am a patient of Dr Hood & have been one for several years. Although my case is very complicated Dr. Hood has been very supportive & suggestive. I am in Ft. Myers for about 7 months of the year. In July my pain became out of control & I flew to Florida for injections.Not only did they worked me in so I could fly back out to get back to my Family but Erica from his office call to see how I was making out! Erica is always so pleasant to deal with but for her to take the time to call me when her schedule is taxing just blew me away. This was above & beyond & hopeful Dr. Hood will make every effort to keep her a part of his office. Dr. Hood & Erica Are a winning team!

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