Diana H

I have lived with the worst knee pain in my left knee that one could imagine. It was terrible and finally got so bad I could barely stand to walk. Dr. Markovitch did a total knee replacement for me. I was worried and afraid. It is heaven. The surgery went perfectly, the healing did too, the scar is small and not to visible and it is only a little over a month since the surgery. I can walk with NO PAIN. It is wonderful. Dr. Markovitch, you are amazing thank you!

Dr. Follweiler did the same thing for my hands. I had carpal tunnel so bad that I hated my hands. The arthritis made them worse. Dr. Follweiler did surgery on both hands and from the first week after surgery the pain was not there any more. WONDERFUL, AWESOME, My Hero!!

Dr. Hood saved my life. About seven years ago I came to see Dr. Hood at my wits end. I hurt all over, my quality of life was non-existent and I was miserable and unhappy. Dr. Hood started working on getting the pain under control. When I could not afford the "big" medications Dr. Hood helped me get ones I could afford. He got the pain under control and then one thing at a time we have worked on getting rid of the causes of the pain. Ergo, hand and elbow and knee surgery. We are not done yet but I know Dr. Hood will take care of me. I would not be alive today if not for Dr. Hood, I was ready to give up, he fixed it. What do you call the person who saved your life? I have no names that would not upset people, I would opt for things that people would not understand so I guess I better just go with my DIETY. Thank You for putting the quality back into my life. 

You are all wonderful Pam, Nadine, Laura, Stephanie, and all the others who have all been there for me and been so nice. You make it possible for these doctors to perform the miracles they do. You are the unsung hero's. I want to thank you all.

Rachael Doukas