Diana R

Dr Hood has made it possible for me to survive the last 3+ years. I was in so much pain that I could barely think the first time I saw Dr. Hood. My old doctor (quack I think) told me that there was no such thing as Fibromyalgia and that the pain I was having was caused by depression and nothing would help. Dr. Hood did a full check out that day; told me that I did in fact have Fibromyalgia, shoulder, back, hip, knee, and wrist pain. Some of it from the Fibromyalgia and some from Carpal Tunnel and some just from the damage from the car accidents. He spent time talking to me, getting to know me, HE LISTENED to me, and he gave me some medication specifically for the Fibromyalgia and some just for the pain. From that day till today my life has been so much better. Everyone talks about the quality of life...Mine has improved drastically since I started seeing Dr. Hood, Laura, and Amber. I have also lost my family during my time as a patient here and Dr. Hood understood about the grief, the confusion, and even the financial problems that I was having and adjusted the type of medication I was taking from a monthly cost of $120.00 to a monthly cost of $39.00; and helped me to get a year of my Fibromyalgia medication free from the distributor; so with the same quality of relief in the medication and the free medication I can continue to have the quality of life I have come to enjoy. I cannot imagine the last nearly four years of my life without Dr. Hood and the Ladies and I thank God regularly for sending me to Dr. Hood! I tell EVERYONE I know to call for Dr. Hood, and I have even told some people I did not know, just noticed they were in pain so I told them to call Dr. Hood and gave them his number!!

Rachael Doukas