Neil G

I suffered from a herniated L5-S1 disc since 2000 and a SI joint issue since 2006. Both on the right side. 

I could not sit, get out of the car or most other physical activities without severe pain and constant muscle spasms.

I was referred to Dr. Hood in 2006. We tried the injections,but it didn't work. In 2009 we tried again with good results. 

Dr. Hood continued to treated me over the next several months discovering what areas were helped and for how long. This was a dialog that had to be precise if we were to continue to improve the results.

At one point it became clear that injections alone would not reduce the pain enough or for long enough. Dr. Hood suggested a Rhizotomy on the L5 and SI joints, which deadens the sensory nerves while leave the motor nerves intact.

After a little research but mostly on the trust built over the preceding months I had the procedure done.

An astonishing 50% of the pain was gone but an 
unbelievable 90% of the frequency of pain was gone too. Truly, anyone who suffers from SI joint pain would call this a new lease on life if not a miracle.

Thank you for listening.

Neil Gomeringer

Rachael Doukas