Patricia M

The purpose of this letter is to recognize your Estero Physical Therapy Team. Julie, Alex, Danny, and Jamie are all proficient in their jobs and considerate of the people in need of their services. However, I would like to single out Jim Schlemmer, as most of my therapy has been under Jim's care.

This past July, I had knee surgery, beginning PT shortly thereafter. I progressed well but soon began having different symptoms and pain. Long story short and several tests later, it became apparent that I had back issues that were complicating my physical therapy. Jim was very extensive in his questioning of my symptoms, his exercise recommendations, analysis of what was working the best, and trying to get to the exact root cause of my discomfort. Although he obviously has a number of patients that he is responsible for, he is totally focused on each one during their session with him. He treats each person with respect and analyzes each persons needs to make sure that they can become pain free and functional as quickly as possible.

Aside from the physical care your therapists provide, they are also sensitive to the emotional side of a persons situation. Being a fairly recent widow, I was finding that attending the formal PT sessions during the Christmas season was somewhat stressful. Jim, with Alex's input, understood and agreed that I could return after the Holidays. Obviously, I am continuing the therapy at home until I return for their evaluation. I am so grateful for their understanding.

In closing, the entire team is an asset to your organization. Although I kidded Jim that I would rather not see so much of him in 2012, I know that he would be an outstanding therapist should I require those services again. 
Pat Montgomery

Rachael Doukas