Phil F

My wife was referred to Dr. Fifer after falling and shattering her wrist. She ended up needing surgery and had plates and screws put in. Her wrist is now as good as new and she has continued playing golf and tennis with no ill effects. Because of her treatment, I chose Dr. Fifer for knee pain. Initially, he advised me to hold off any procedure until the pain became worse. Fast forward six months, and I returned with increased pain. Dr. Fifer performed a Knee arthroscopy. I was walking the same day, and 10 days later my knee has improved greatly. I know I can't turn back the clock (I'm 65), but I am looking forward to being active again fairly soon. Dr. Fifer is honest, skilled, and experienced. His staff and facilities are also great. We both are very thankful to have found him and his practice.

Rachael Doukas