S Karen B

Dr. Fifer has performed surgery on me several times (shoulders, knees, wrist) and I have been so happy with him and his entire staff.

My last surgery was on my right knee, and when I came back for the follow-up visit, I expressed to him that I was so pleased with him and the entire staff, and asked if he could recommend a foot doctor who could help me. In 2005, I had major surgery on all 10 toes - both feet. I had bunions and hammer toes. I was not aware that you had a doctor who could do this, so I went elsewhere. My doctor did a great job in straightening out the toes, but from walking with my toes turned under, I had large bumps on top of them after they were straightened. These bumps rubbed on the inside of my shoes and caused the skin to be rubbed off (blisters) on tops of 6 toes. I had to wrap them in bandages, and could only wear slides with the heel and toe out.

Dr. Fifer immediately told me about Dr. Kleiman and recommended him highly. I was so happy to know that I could get my toes taken care of by one of Dr. Fifer's associates, because I have always been so happy with his care and the results of all my problems. 

Dr. Kleiman did surgery on my toes on 6/14/2010 and he did an excellent job in trimming the bones down and removing spurs, and they look wonderfully straight and low, so they should not rub any more. I know after they get healed (another week), I will be able to wear shoes and not get blisters. I am so happy to get this done since I have suffered with this problem for the past 5 years.

Please tell Dr. Fifer and Dr. Kleiman how pleased I am with them, and let them know that I will always recommend my friends and family to them for their needs. God bless you all, and thank you for being there for me.

Rachael Doukas