Yvette R

I was referred to Dr. George Markovich by Dr. Gerardo Gamez of the Florida Neurology Group. An MRI conducted by the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine revealed a large rotator cuff tear in addition to three torn tendons. A fair amount of work would have to be done.

On my first visit with Dr. Markovich, his calm and confident manner immediately erased any concerns I had. Also, on the day of surgery Dr. Markovich came over to initial the arm to be operated on and said that he would do everything humanly possible to make me better. His words were of great comfort to me and gave me solace that all would be well.

My family and friends were astonished to see my quick recovery, it was truly spectacular. Indeed, they all told me if they ever needed an orthopedist Dr. Markovich is at the top of their list. 

About two months after surgery I was informed that Dr. Markovich was in the Navy and was one of the surgeons who operated on our Navy Seals. Quite an endorsement! Also, I am a native of New England and when I learned that Dr. Markovich attended Harvard and trained at Mass General, well that just says it all.

Everyone at the Fort Myers facility are well trained and personable. I also must note here that Dr. Markivich's assistant Pat DeFiore is very capable, attentive and personable.

I owe Dr. Gamez a great deal of gratitude for referring me to Dr. Markovich and I owe Dr. Markovich a great deal of gratitude for his tremendous skill and attention to detail. Thank you so much.

Rachael Doukas